My Name is Stella,
I have been inspired by a broken heart and lost loved ones, to make a change, a difference in someones mind, and commit myself to help our neighbors and community to live a worthy and happier life, stay strong and help enlighten and find their purpose in our ever changing world. I love to cook, entertain and be a light to others, I can only hope I can encourage our fellow men, women and children to do the same and make the world a better place. ONE PERSON AND ONE MEAL AT A TIME

I want to build this organization as a helpful group and aspire to do great things. I hope to provide many resources and services to encourage healthy living, such as, planned meals together, transportation, clothing, job and education interviews, counseling, teach financial management, and eventually offer housing in a group setting to get lives redirect and guided in the right direction for individual success.

To encourage and nurture our youth, young adults and anyone who may struggle with suicidal tendencies. To help regain focus on a life’s purpose with goals and a positive way of thinking.