Hello Everyone & Welcome Home!

Welcome to Savor Saviors! A place where you can seek help, find resources, make a plan to help someone who may be struggling with suicide, bullying, domestic abuse or anything else that someone may have just lost their way.  This is a helpful and positive sight, no judging, no condemning, no critical feed back. just suggestions and options and to gain knowledge to make a healthy decision to better yourself, your mind and way of thinking, to help you find a purpose in this life as an alternative to suicide. You are loved, love yourself and find inner peace.

PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, reach out to someone.

Suicidal crisis hotline:

1-800-2273-TALK (8255)

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

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  1. Hi there,
    Thank you for viewing my page, it is not yet complete, and will continue to update as my mission plays out and we can be completely functional. You can post comments, ideas, and words of encouragement, photos and meme’s that are inspiring in a positive way.
    Thank you all so very very much for supporting this idea and helping to bring my vision and mission to life.

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