“Savory Saviors”

The mission of Savory Saviors is to help prevent suicide in our community, by offering a support and resource group, while creating & enjoying a savory meal together and encouraging positive healthy thoughts & solutions to our society.


My vision is to save lives from suicide, one person at a time, and using my passions and talents of cooking as a way to connect and discuss better solutions for a temporary problem.



My Vision Statement for “Savory Saviors” Hello, my name is Stella Sicina, On June 6, 2016, I was inspired to start an organization to help our teens and young adults get through “life”. After dealing with a couple family members taking their own life, friends, and their children, I started to think what can I do to help these kids? Suicide can be triggered by drugs, medication, stress, bullying and domestic abuse, to name just a few. Well, because I love to cook, and I am an independent consultant for pampered chef, I enjoy entertaining people, cooking and even dancing. “A family that eats together, stays together”. I have been inspired to COOK FOR A CAUSE!! This organization will provide some life skills, such as cooking, learning portion control, camping, learning to be self-sufficient, applying for school, jobs, it will also coach our young adults to make better choices in life. Starting with eating healthy, planning their short and long term goals, how to think and grow within. Illuminate their souls and how they can help others. We want our kids to find solutions, not just give up, to become leaders and guiding lights for others. THIS IS OUR FUTURE!! When the organization becomes successful, it will lead to other helpful activities, such as Cooking classes, Transportation to and from appointments, applying for employment, giving them healthy choices, taking evening or day classes to gain knowledge in a skill they may be interested in. Instruct them in getting involved with the community, how to save money, balance life, family and work, the possibilities are endless. My vision is to be able to fund these types of achievements to get them started in the right direction. Be mindful, to think positive thoughts regardless of what others say, do or think about them. Have weekly meals where the people that need help, will come and share their triumphs, and ideas recipes, to learn morals, and values. I will provide a place where these young adults will feel loved, nurtured and rebuild their confidence to do great things. THIS IS MY VISION! Thank you. Stella M. Sicina


My Name is Stella,
I have been inspired by a broken heart and lost loved ones, to make a change, a difference in someones mind, and commit myself to help our neighbors and community to live a worthy and happier life, stay strong and help enlighten and find their purpose in our ever changing world. I love to cook, entertain and be a light to others, I can only hope I can encourage our fellow men, women and children to do the same and make the world a better place. ONE PERSON AND ONE MEAL AT A TIME

I want to build this organization as a helpful group and aspire to do great things. I hope to provide many resources and services to encourage healthy living, such as, planned meals together, transportation, clothing, job and education interviews, counseling, teach financial management, and eventually offer housing in a group setting to get lives redirect and guided in the right direction for individual success.

To encourage and nurture our youth, young adults and anyone who may struggle with suicidal tendencies. To help regain focus on a life’s purpose with goals and a positive way of thinking.


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